What being an extroverted nerd means to me…

So by definition being an extrovert (in its most basic sense) means that I get my energy from being around other people; the more people, the more energy, the fewer people, the less energy I have. I used to be one of those people who hung out by myself most of the time. Until I got to high school and discovered theatre, and more people who shared the same interests as I did, I was an introvert because I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. When I got to high school and from then continued on to college, I discovered that I became more animated and more energetic when I was around lots of people who could talk as passionately as I could about the same things. This was an insane lightbulb moment for me. By the time I got to college and got into even more nerdy things like Doctor Who, Marvel, Sherlock and developed my love for things like Harry Potter, LOTR, Disney and theatre, I realized that I did not want to watch these things alone, I wanted to watch them and then discuss them with people who cared about them as much as I did.

ImageLiving so close to the Walt Disney World resort means I am constantly surrounded by people, if you’re an extrovert at the Disney parks, you are never truly alone. I realized this more and more at the Star Wars Weekends this weekend and at the first weekend of the five. I will strike up conversations with people in line, at the restaurants, in crowds, and the great thing about the community that comes together to celebrate Star Wars Weekends is that they will chime right in with you! I never really felt like I was being nosy (which occasionally, I will admit that I was eavesdropping) when I chimed in to give advice to groups who clearly had a question or struck up a conversation with the people next to me while I was waiting for James Arnold Taylor to begin his talk at the theatre. I will literally talk to anyone, anywhere. It has truly made the world a fun place to be. It’s almost as though I ignore the social construct of not butting in where I don’t belong. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, I know when it’s not appropriate or when it may not be safe to talk to the random strangers around me, but when it is, I make instant friends; they may not last too long and I may never see them again, but they make my experience enjoyable and we all have a good time. It’s an amazing way to pass what could be lost or boring time in lines and things like that. I should also add that it makes for excellent character interactions!

I hope to attend Leaky Con this summer in Orlando and that will be an incredible experience if I can swing it. So many nerds, from so many different fandoms gathered together in one place! Literally almost all of my favorite fandoms will be there: Harry Potter, Nerdfighteria, LOTR, Doctor Who, Sherlock and so many others! I probably won’t shut up for the entire length of the event!

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