What’s with the name of your blog?

A few people have asked me…what does the name of your blog mean? Honestly it doesn’t really mean anything. I consider myself a bit of a hipster (I will explain why in a later post) and I enjoy the pursuit of intellectualism and I wanted a title that could encompass many different topics, as I intend to bounce around a bit. It took my a bit to think of it but in the end I came up with Sifting through Shelves. It popped into my head while I was thinking of things that people like me tend to do. Others that I considered : Tea at the Table, the problem with that one was that I like very few types of tea, Coffee without a Care, well that didn’t work because I care about lots of things, I tend to think that’s what makes me a nerd, Nerd with the Word was taken. I often find myself doing exactly what my blog indicates when I go to stores or museums, specifically book stores, which are my favorite place to window shop. I stumble across lots of interesting books and ideas in book stores and libraries. Bookstores and libraries are two of my favorite places to be when I am alone. I like peruse the shelves of the stores looking at all of the knowledge they have to offer me. I often take the books I like off the shelves and sample them and inevitably make a very long wish list of books I want to read, some I get to and some I don’t. So, that’s why I call my blog Sifting Through Shelves, because whether it be books, music, stuffed animals at Disney, movies, historical artifacts, or the virtual shelves of the internet, Sifting Through Shelves is something I do often and I will continue to do forever. Also, bookshelves are some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Photo from http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/1d/92/books,bookshelf,bookshelves,ladder,reading,umbrella-1d926cd7cacd6bda606498d71635552c_h.jpg

2 thoughts on “What’s with the name of your blog?

  1. I like your name. Something about it just sounds so elegant. And I agree, bookshelves are some of the greatest sights available. I love looking at the different book shelves of the bloggers here, because they’re all different, and although some make me sigh with envy, they are all awesome in their own way.

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