Being Unemployed

It took me quite a while to decide to actually write this post but here it goes. Technically, if you look at my employment record, I wasn’t unemployed, I wasn’t working though. It’s complicated. I finished back to back internships at Walt Disney World in June of this year. I found myself scrambling to find a home with the company because I could not extend my internship and the company did not have the space in the department to extend people to became seasonal or part time but I was told that I qualified to stay in the pool to be pulled for a Temporary Assignment in the department that I did my internship in and I LOVED my internship so I definitely wanted to do that. After several weeks of online applications (which feel productive and aren’t really), I finally applied to work in one of the resorts and got the job, the only issues were it was only part time and it did not start until July 6. That left me a month of a whole bunch of time. I was (and still am) trying to find a second part time job that I could work at while I wasn’t working for Disney. I only managed to get one interview, despite over 16 applications, the availability just wasn’t matching up. I looked for freelance writing, nothing, because the job market sucks, it’s unfortunate but it’s true, especially if you are right out of college, in the Orlando area (where there are a lot of us). Luckily, I have started working at the Disney job at the resort so I have left the insanity that is having WAY too much time on your hands.
Let me tell you first off…it’s not a vacation. It feels like a vacation for all of a week, if that. You can only watch so much TV, go to Starbucks so many times and window shop online before you really start to lose it and panic. I have the issue where I HATE asking for money, from anyone, I think it’s a pride thing, I really don’t know. What I do know is without the support of my family, I would be even more broke than I am now and I probably would have moved home to PA from FL. I cannot describe to you how many movies, tv shows and Youtube videos I watched during the month of June.
Why didn’t you go to the parks? People often ask me this. Even when you get in free, the parks are expensive, food for starters, especially for someone like me who needs to eat quite often costs a lot of money. And then there are the tempting souvenirs, and trying to find people to go with you. I did go a few times, for special events like the Frozen Summer Fun (but that really didn’t come up until the end of the period of unemployment), Star Wars Weekends and my birthday.
Let me explain to you why it’s really not fun. Bills still come into your mailbox and email box. Car insurance, credit cards, rent, electric, gas, groceries (you do have to eat), internet and student loans. I was lucky enough to have my loans adjusted, so those are on pause for a bit. Still, it’s enough to cause even someone as calm and rational but passionate as me to completely feel like there’s no end to the stress in sight. It makes you feel lazy, inadequate, and like you will fall into a hole of financial panic from which you will never recover. You question choices you otherwise never would (like staying in FL to work for your dream company for example). Now in retrospect, I should have asked for help when I needed it, but again with the pride thing. I felt like I should have it all pulled together now that I had graduated from college and had lived in a semi-adult state of life for several months. I felt like I was regressing and being thousands of miles from the people who are capable of helping you didn’t help. I became quite homesick and prone to quasi breakdowns. I did get to go home right at the end of my program which was lucky. I was under the impression that by 24, I should no longer be financially dependent on anyone else and I should be working or on the path towards the job I would have for the foreseeable future. Both of my roommates were (and still are) working full time in professional jobs, so again, there’s the feeling of not being as pulled together as them. I’m also an extrovert, meaning I get my energy from being around other people, so spending so much time in the house by myself also took its toll. I could have gone out…but again…gas to make the gar go from point A to point B takes money, which I was not making.
I’m sorry if this sounds like a whine fest and a sob story. It’s not meant to. It’s meant to make anyone who has also gone through this realize that they aren’t alone. It happens, the economy sucks. There are times where you may feel like a failure or ashamed that you aren’t making 5 figures. You’re not inadequate, you have nothing to feel ashamed of and it will end eventually. Mine only lasted a little over a month, but it felt like a lifetime. You will find a job that you love. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. I was lucky enough to have amazing friends and an amazing support system and I hope everyone who goes through this is equally lucky as I was. I learned a bit late in the game that going into a business to apply (though it takes guts) is much more effective than applying online. However, I know a lot of places have an online screening process that you can’t avoid. I know most of mine did. Take each day one at a time, keep making effort to find a new job, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and breathe. I learned a lot about hobbies I enjoy during the last month and I started this blog, a YouTube channel and in general revamped my online presence. If like me, you have real issues accepting money you don’t feel like you earned, ask the people helping you if there is anything you can do in exchange so it doesn’t feel as undeserved. It really helps. For example, I’m helping my mom revamp her online presence and managing the social media for her business. While this phrase usually applies to a totally different topic, it does get better, I promise.

Subscription Boxes I’m Dying to Try

First I should say, if you have tried any of these before, please tell me what you think of them in the comments below! I reply, I promise! I have not terribly recently, but within the last year become sadly (as in I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching them) watching unboxing videos on YouTube. They are fairly common among the beauty and lifestyle channels that I love so much. I have watched every kind of beauty box unboxing you can imagine. Birchbox, Impsy Glambag, Popsugar Must Have, Beauty Test Tube, Beauty Army, Big Black Bag and many others. I have also watched NatureBox ones, Dollar Shave Club, and Madame Ladybug and Bonjour Jolie unboxings (and lots of other food ones I don’t remember the names of). Here are the ones I’m dying to try (I’m sure there are more that I would love just as much but they are either WAY too expensive or I haven’t found them yet.

  1. PopSugar Must Haves– This is by far the most expensive box on my list and I won’t be able to subscribe to it right away but I love watching Eleventh Gorgeous unbox theirs every month. It’s about $40 per month and contains about $100 worth of products ranging from beauty, fitness, snacks, jewelry, makeup, nail polish, books, fashion and holiday specific products. It’s a catch all box that contains usually full sized products where as with subscription services like Birchbox and Ipsy Glambag usually have some full sized and some samples. I like that the contents of the box varies every month and it contains things I can actually use to make my house or style better. They also release one much more expensive box each season like a winter, summer, spring and fall one. They usually run around $100 and they have very limited quantities of these so when the word goes out that they’re available to order, you better order yours right away if you want what’s inside, which is usually AMAZING!
  2. Naturebox– I spend a lot of time at the Disney parks and traveling (I wish I did more of this though). Being hypoglycemic, I need to eat every few hours or I become what people have lovingly deemed “hangry” …basically I turn into a very irritable crazy pants and no one wants that, trust me. (that’s putting it quite nicely). Naturebox includes different levels of subscription depending on how long you want to be subscribed for, for example a 12 month subscription costs less than a month to month subscription. They are fantastically travel friendly and would be perfect for me to bring to the parks and on planes and long car rides with me. It would stop me from spending gobs of money at the parks, which right now I do, on snacks and food. It would also enable me to eat healthy snacks instead of junk food, which I’m quite guilty of (I’m looking at you Magic Kingdom popcorn…). You get to pick out your snacks ahead of time and if you don’t like them you have the option of switching them out for something else. They have an amazing variety from sweet to savory snacks.
  3. Madame Ladybug– This one is just for the ladies. It’s a monthly period subscription box. Sounds weird but hear me out. Ladies, you spend lord knows how much on your feminine hygiene products every month. It’s absurd. You don’t like sending your significant other out to get them if you don’t have time because they 1) don’t want to take it to the register 2) they buy the wrong ones, whether they mess up the size, brand or product. Why not spare yourself the hassle of going out to get them or sending someone to get the wrong one and getting a few treats to make yourself feel better during this unfortunate time of the month. Madame Ladybug sends everything you could possible need to make yourself feel better during your period. Pads, tampons, liners and that’s so not it! They send chocolate, tea, bath and papering products, beauty products, and jewelry. Their extras outside of snacks and hygiene products change from month to month. AND if you aren’t a fan of one of the snacks they send one month, you can let them know and next month they will swap it out for something else. You also get to pick your brand of products, since we all know we are picky, don’t deny it! It just shows up at your house and you have plenty of supplies to endure the crimson tide, Tom’s visit, whatever you like to call it. There are three tiers of subscription depending on how much of each product you want, $18, $25 and $33
  4. Dollar Shave Club– first of all…do yourself a favor and go watch their video introduction. I will post a link to it at the end of the description. It’s hysterical and that alone will make you want to subscribe. We all know how obnoxiously expensive shaving has gotten. Whether you by disposal ones regularly or replace your blades on a more durable one. AND the Pink Razor Tax (their word not mine) is obscene! I’m sick of the marketing towards women of feminine shaving products, half the time the quality is worse, they have to be replaced more often and all they are is PINK! It’s stupid but I’m working on another article which will come out with a review of the Dollar Shave Club. Basically what the Dollar Shave Club is a shaving subscription service. They don’t have fancy name brand razors but I have heard that they are much better, I’ll let you know when I get mine. They send you a handle to correspond with the blades that you choose. There are there different levels of razor/blades, two blades, four blades and six blades.. The cost goes up a bit accordingly but it’s still SO much cheaper than the alternative that you can get at grocery stores or CVS or Walgreens. I’m subscribing to this immediately!! Here’s a link to their blades! razor/bladesSo these are the four that I’m dying to try soon, let me know down in the comments if you have tried any of these and what you thought! If I subscribe, I’ll definitely do unboxing videos and post them to my Youtube channel. Thanks for reading and keep sifting through shelves.

Things I’m Obsessed with This Month- June

So among the blogosphere I have found that people like to share (and people like it when they share) their monthly favorites. However, I don’t favorite things, I become obsessed with them. This month…I’m obsessed with the following

  1. : Ok, you caught me…I’m obsessed with fashion, beauty, all things style, from me to my house. DailyLook is very popular among the YouTube and beauty blog crowd so I decided to take a look to see what it’s all about…and I’m hooked. I haven’t bought anything because I’m quite broke but still, it’s such a fun website to window shop on that I could spend all day on it…but I don’t, I swear! If you want to check it out, check it out (and if you find something purchase worthy, purchase away!) via this link because it helps me get look points to shop with and you can do the same with your friends.
  2. New Girl- Clearly I’m behind the bandwagon on this one, but I just started watching it, literally tonite and I’m hooked. I don’t necessarily like the movie star hot shot that Zoey Deschanel has become as I knew her as an underrated actress and musician first but hey, the comedy is quite relatable to my life and it’s witty. (technically this is a July favorite but hey, I was excited)
  3. Anthony Bourdain- I watched No Reservations all the time and went to look for it on Netflix and didn’t find it, sad day. What I did find was Unknown Parts! I watched everything that was on Netflix and fell back in love with the sense of humor I had forgotten about since giving up cable and Travel Channel with it. Now I have a serious travel bug! I have since found his old show A Cook’s Tour on Amazon Prime and I am working my way through that. I’m dying to read his books, starting with Kitchen Confidential, hopefully as I travel, because, you know, that would be epic.
  4. Cucumber water- I know this is random and odd but stay with me. I went to the Grand Floridian Senses Spa for my birthday and since then…I’m hooked. They had spa cucumber water there and I am now obsessed with drinking it all the time. It’s so refreshing and calming, I don’t know what it is (besides having drunk it in the most calming place I have ever been) but it’s just wonderful.
  5. Old Movies- I love old moves to begin with and I have always loved them. My Fair Lady legit changed my life. But more on that in another article. This month I have especially been drawn to old movies. I went on the Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios one day and thought to myself “they don’t make em like this anymore” which is super depressing to thing about. But I watched Footlight Parade and fell in love with it, Manhattan, the Woody Allen Flick (no I’m not fond of his recently brought to light life choices) but the movie was charming, as his movies always are. Arsenic and Old Lace has been a favorite of mine since my roommate made my watch it in college, and I had forgotten just how horrified and hysterical Carey Grant’s face can really get. It was just a great movie month. I also had the pleasure of watching Song of the South, a rare treat!
  6. Zoella, Marcus Butler, Thatcher Joe and Alfie on YouTube- Now, every year around Vidcon, I discover new YouTubers. These ones I discovered just before Vidcon and I love them all. I discovered Zoella through Tyler Oakley, and all of the others from Zoella, since everyone but Tyler is from around the same area (at least that’s what I gather) in the U.K. They all have amazing channels and I encourage you to check them out, along with my channel (link here). They really re-inspired me to become involved with the YouTube community and I think I’m going to keep at it, along with this blog. So, view, subscribe and share! Everyone helps!
  7. Social Media in General- I have always loved social media, always used it, always loved how it connects people who are incredibly far away. But this month, I rediscovered how much I really do love it. How many amazing ideas you can find on pinterest, how many amazing YouTubers there are, how many creative people live in the wonderful world of Tumblr and how creative people can be in 140 characters on twitter.
  8. The idea of old fashioned rail travel- I recently discovered that there is a real rail line that functions much like the old fashioned railways in the Golden Age of Rail Travel. I would majorly love to take one of these trips and see what it was like to really travel in style, old suitcases or trunks and all. I would love to take a 2-3 day rail trip just to see what it’s like. Everyone travels by plane now a days and while I love doing that as much as the next person, I would love to just ride the rails for a bit.
  9. Decorating- I haven’t even moved into my new apartment yet and I am already dying to start decorating. Now, some of it will have to wait till I’m a bit more financially secure but I love the idea of settling into a place and making it my own, with my own little touches. My spaces may look a bit divided and strange at first as I find a balance between my Disney and artistic style but I think a balance can be reached and it will look mad cool. As soon as I’m settled in and decorated, I will be filming an apartment tour.
  10. Style- Now, I’ve always been in love with style. It’s how you define what’s on the inside on the outside. I love jewelry, I love makeup and I love clothes, shoes and accessories. I just love how you can make your style all your own and since I don’t particularly care how people perceive my style, unless I am in a professional setting, I do just that. I have my own look, sometimes several different ones in a week, from preppy, to vintage to bohemian, I love it all. Since I wear a uniform to work, I don’t get to express my personal style particularly often but I do love it when I do!

Let me know the things you are obsessing over this month in the comments! I love learning about what people are loving at the moment! Follow me on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc to see what I’m up to and get the most up to date posts. Follow the blog, subscribe to my channel and Keep Sifting Through Shelves.

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